Cryptoconferences of February

February 2018 is going to be an advantageous month for startups, developers, investors and other enthusiasts in the field of the blockchain technology. There will be lots of events worth visiting, and we are going to present a brief overview of the most looked-for ones.

Events dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will take place in Russia, US, Singapore Blockchain Economic Forum February 3–7, SF Bay Area, Dubai DUBAI Fx and Cryptocurrency & ICO Show 16-17 February 2018 and Switzerland. Dallas residents are lucky to have two conferences hosted in their city: d10e and Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con (BCC-2018) on February 23 - 24. The conferences are organized and sponsored by the most proactive enterprises who have quickly recognized the future behind blockchain technology. One of them is Smile-Expo, the organizer of such events, uniting European and Asian cities; in February it holds Blockchain Conference in St. Petersburg (February 13, 2018, and Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Geneva on February 21. The largest of the conferences is the Developer Week 2018 February 3–7, SF Bay Area, with over 8,000 participants and 200+ DevTech sessions. The list of speakers is impressive – businesspeople, blockchain developers, lawmakers, lawyers, traders, brightest industry representatives, well-known experts and gurus of cryptocurrency market are brought together. They will tackle the most acute questions of today concerning the development and acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrency: tokensale organization, legislative changes in the cryptocurrency sector, blockchain integration into businesses, digitalization and their impact on people’s everyday lives. The speakers represent state-of-the-art blockchain enterprises Christine Legge (ZenHub) or Chetan Ahuja (PacketZoom), financial companies (Tony Tong (China Credit Management Association)), scientific institutions (Jason Potts (RMIT University)), consulting agencies (Eddy Travia (Coinsilium Group), Tim Draper (Draper Associates)).

Of course, all events will provide excellent networking opportunities. Though similar in issues discussed and in the general organizational model, each event has its own feature to attract attendees. For instance, Blockchain Conference in St. Petersburg will feature an ICO Battle, where companies aimed at launching ICOs will compete for valuable prizes and, most importantly, attention of cryptocurrency investors. d10e also offers a chance to compete for $100,000 investment prize.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference (February 16-18) will have an optional “beginners track” for people who are new to cryptocurrency, so they can get up to speed on the fundamentals of this unique industry. It will feature a complimentary “hackathon” for kids, teenagers, and young adults. So, a young generation of blockchain enthusiast is getting ready! Hackathons are also planned for BCC-2018, where one can participate in teams or code solo to build a decentralized application on the favorite blockchain protocol. The event will also feature lots of workshops, panel discussions and training sessions conducted by R3 and Blockmatics.

In general, we see that multiple blockchain events are working out a similar model: sophisticated speeches and panel discussion for experts, training session and hackathons for newcomers, ICO battles for those looking for investors, and networking activities for all — meaning that anyone can choose something to his or her liking and purpose.


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