Marketing ICO case

How we provided full Marketing support for an extraordinary ICO
Due to the recent exponential growth of ICOs in the market, smart and valid marketing campaign issue has never been more acute. It is vitally important not only to hire the best professionals in the field, but also to set clear and achievable goals in reasonable time limits.  Expertise in the crypto community specifics is essential indeed, as you can’t reach the ICO cap without knowing your target audience. Keeping all that in mind, we now want to share a piece of our experience with you by presenting the most recent ICO marketing case by ModernToken.

We provided marketing support to the ICO of the hi-tech company that boasts a strong network of clients and a considerable team of professionals. At the very beginning, we set the following goals:
  • Increase project recognition and credibility;
  • Attract crypto investors to join the ICO project;
  • Reduce investor acquisition cost.

Now let’s look at the numbers. We have attracted over 190,000 visitors to the customer’s website, and around 5,500 of them decided to invest in the project. More than 20,000 users applied for the whitelist, while 12,000 of the applications were of high quality. Average cost (including PR), was 12.5 USD per lead and 45.5 USD per acquired investor. It is interesting that Facebook proved the most efficient channel: investor attraction cost equalled 20.0 USD per investor.  We have indeed achieved projected results, and even exceeded them!

Results breakdown

Performance marketing

We used various types of search engine advertising (paid search), social media advertising (Facebook / Instagram) and retargeting on the base of crypto investors. PPC (paid-per-click) is one of the most effective marketing channel to date. For this project, we blended a unique set of contextual and targeting tools. As for social media advertising, Facebook and Instagram provided us with many options to promote the client’s ICO including promo posts, stories, page post ads, Facebook object ads, and external website ads. We customized the campaign to make sure we won’t miss any potential investor and won’t pay for the wrong ones.

Speaking of numbers, during this project, we used such tools as Google AdWords, Facebook / Instagram Ads and local search engines (Naver, Bing, Yahoo) – and reached outstanding results. Average CR was 1.3%, and in the last week it reached 4.3%, while conversion rate grew from 0.7% to 4.3%. Cost per verified lead totaled 15 USD.

Display advertising

Display advertising, compared to test-based ads,  provides one of the most effective way of attracting people's attention – visual banners. We made the messages highly personalized and relevant. This form of advertising proved to have the widest reach, quickly increasing awareness of the ICO among all types of prospective crypto investors (from small investors to whales) and its credibility.

Our display advertising campaign covered over 5 million users on 50 top media platforms. The number of visitors exceeded 15,000, while the cost per mille (1,000 impressions) was 1.5 USD and the cost per сlick – 1.7 USD, exceeding the market average.

Listing on ICO trackers

A couple of years ago we hardly witnessed a single ICO launched in several months, whereas now two or three projects start each week, and it’s hard to keep track of them. ICO trackers are a relatively new source of information about ICO, but a really convenient one. There you can find all the important information about ICOs: dates of upcoming, ongoing or ended token sales, information about risks and investment potential. Some trackers also provide built-in rating systems. ICO trackers help both to promote the project and inform would-be investors about its essential features.

We have ensured our client’s ICO listing on the top-35 largest trackers, and almost half of those listings were for free. The number of visits (clicks to website) reached 20,000, and the number of high-quality whitelist application exceeded 400. The cost per click was 1.5 USD.

Telegram marketing

Telegram app is a very popular messenger because of its stability, secure encryption (MTProto protocol version 2.0.) and anonymity. The number of groups and channels related to crypto amounts to 250, and they are extremely active, which means that the amount of investors potentially interested in the project that can be found in Telegram is much higher compared to other popular messengers. However, ICO advertising in the Telegram channels is extremely popular nowadays, so it is crucial to choose the channel and timing carefully. Because it will hardly prove the project’s reliability if it is advertised along with some scum. Moreover, Telegram app is nothing like a website, where users have to find required material on their own. Being redirected from sponsored publication directly to the ICO support chat potential investors were warmly welcomed by the members of the community and our support agents, who answered all their questions and make sure that they are satisfied.

Publishing posts in the Telegram crypto channels provided impressive results, which were higher than the average in the market. We welcomed around 200,000 users, while the cost per impression was 0.06 USD.

Hidden marketing

Hidden marketing is an extremely promising strategy aimed at the promotion of the product through interaction with the audience in social networks, blogs, forums, messengers and video hosting. One of the major concerns for crypto investors is that they are not always sure if the project they invest into will thrive. Thus, they need feedback from trustworthy sources, and the more, the better.

Our team provided comprehensive hidden marketing support for this client, that resulted in over 150 karmic accounts and more than 3,000 high-quality posts in different threads. We secured smart management and stimulation of conversations among users, which helped to build and maintain a healthy community around the project.

Bounty campaign

This initiative had two major purposes: to raise awareness of the product and enlarge and strengthen the community around the cryptocurrency. The distinctive feature of bounty campaigns is that some of the marketing activities are performed by assigned members of the community who had already adopted the idea of the product and could promote it wholeheartedly for the reward (a share of issued tokens).

Owing to the thoroughly developed bounty strategy and wise bounty campaign execution we have achieved the highest “hype score” according to the rate of largest rating agencies: over 200 shares per every post, and participation of over 150 popular bloggers and video-bloggers in the campaign. We provided support in a dozen of languages and developed over 100 pages of real-time discussion in the bounty thread.  

24/7 Support

During the ICO campaign it is vitally important to provide potential investors with all information they need to decide whether they wish to support the project or not. Of course, most of the answers can be found in the FAQ or White Paper, but it is a lot faster and easier to ask the question in the chat than read the document. Moreover, marketing studies show that reliable and proactive community support largely contributes to the project’s success.

Our team of professionals ensured a full-fledged project support, with moderators swiftly answering the questions of the community (response time less than five minutes!), creating and maintaining the friendly atmosphere in the chats and quickly resolving the issues arising. We provided first-line support in Telegram, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Twitter, Reddit, Slack as well as on the ICO website, and the number of users in the Telegram chat exceeded 4,000.

The market today is abundant in rising ICO projects, and the demand for high-quality support is overwhelming. No wonder – crypto market is quite an exception form business models we knew before, and to be successful one needs to know the rules of the game pretty well. That’s the raison d'être for consulting agencies like ours. However, as scammers rapidly emerged among crypto players, crooked consulting firms popped up as well observing the market in desperate need. They add the term ‘ICO’ to their lists of services provided and continue to employ traditional approaches to PR and marketing – to no avail, obviously. When a concerned customer wonders why the campaign is inefficient despite high expenditures, the blame is usually put on the high risk exposure and volatility of the crypto market, etc.

ModernToken is quite another story. We have been in the market for quite a few years and have learned the rules of the game. Moreover, we are a part of a crypto holding (find more about us). We provide tailored approach to all marketing channels and support model, and we are ready to adjust project budget or try new tools and schemes. Our team adapts approaches and plans to the customer’s needs and design – our experts are open for discussions and fresh ideas. ModernToken is a reliable partner, who can be trusted. It’s a treat to work with us!


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