Breaking EOS Down

EOS is a kind of a decentralized operating system, which allows developers to create their own apps on its basis. This platform will be located on data centers that will also produce blocks. Applications running on this platform will be able to share data. Software solutions comprise account management and authentication procedure, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across hundreds of CPU cores or clusters. The EOS vision is to build a blockchain dapp platform that can securely and smoothly scale to thousands of transactions per second, all while providing an accessible experience to app developers, entrepreneurs and users. They aim to provide and complete operating system for decentralized applications focused on the web by providing services like user authentication, cloud storage, and server hosting.

EOS creation was driven by the inability of existing platforms to handle the most burning issues in terms of blockchain applications developm…

Quantum vs. Crypto

Quantum computers are incredibly powerful machines that take a new approach to processing information. They may one day lead to revolutionary breakthroughs in materials and drug discovery, the optimization of complex manmade systems, and artificial intelligence. Origin and Description The first notion of quantum computing was put forward by Richard Feynman, who thought up the idea of a 'quantum computer', a computer that uses the effects of quantum mechanics to its advantage. In the classical world we were limited to transformations from one state to one other state. Now with quantum states we can make programs that transform from a combination of states into another combination of states. This ability is a problem for modern cryptography. Some quantum algorithms are an order of magnitude faster than their classical counterparts because of this. The most famous example is Shor’s algorithm, which allows for easy factoring of large prime numbers (breaking RSA and all discret…

Cryptoconferences of February

February 2018 is going to be an advantageous month for startups, developers, investors and other enthusiasts in the field of the blockchain technology. There will be lots of events worth visiting, and we are going to present a brief overview of the most looked-for ones.

Events dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will take place in Russia, US, Singapore Blockchain Economic Forum February 3–7, SF Bay Area, Dubai DUBAI Fx and Cryptocurrency & ICO Show 16-17 February 2018 and Switzerland. Dallas residents are lucky to have two conferences hosted in their city: d10e and Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Con (BCC-2018) on February 23 - 24. The conferences are organized and sponsored by the most proactive enterprises who have quickly recognized the future behind blockchain technology. One of them is Smile-Expo, the organizer of such events, uniting European and Asian cities; in February it holds Blockchain Conference in St. Petersburg (February 13, 2018, and Bl…

How have ICOs been hacked

ICOs have been booming ever since their introduction to the market. The more initial coin offerings are launched, the more people get engaged – the larger is potential profit for hackers. Despite the decentralized and trustless natures of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens, most of the trades happening on centralized exchanges are vulnerable to hacking. This is an ongoing concern and a number of hacking incidents has been reported at various exchanges affecting thousands of users and loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. Types of attacks All network systems are vulnerable to various kinds of attacks. They can roughly be divided into two group: attacks based on the vulnerability of technical tools and nature of ICO and those exploiting human flaws.Everyone who writes a smart contract knows that if it can move a large amount of cash it will be subject to attack due to overlooked bug. Of course, all token smart contracts are duly tested before launch, but ingenious hackers can sti…

Modern Token Participates in The North American Bitcoin Conference

A lot has changed since the North American Bitcoin Conference 2017, and the upcoming event held at the spacious James L Knight Center on January 18–19 is sure to be an outstanding one. The conference will kick off with a party at the world-famous South Beach hotel, and a massive networking event will be held on 18 January at E11even nightclub in Miami. According to the latest data, the attendance expectancy has tripled to 3,000 people! The event is sponsored by tZERO,, Swarm, Zen, Victory Square, and others.

TNABC 2018 will be the perfect environment for both newcomers and experienced players within the digital currency space. During the proceedings of the first night, attendees will have full access to network with CEOs, execs of different companies. This year’s TNABC will have a wide variety of well-known speakers including Halsey Minor (CNET), Brock Pierce (Bitcoin Foundation), Patrick M. Byrne (, Craig Sellars (Tether), Matt Spoke (Nuco) and much more.

Why everybody wants Proof-of-Stake?

Without going into too much details, since anyone can create a block in a public blockchain network, there needs to be a way that everyone on the blockchain can reach consensus, deciding together what block accurately represents recent transactions across the network. This is a challenging problem to get so many users agree on the current state of the blockchain even though they don't trust each other or any central authority. Today there are two types of consensus protocols used in the blockchain networks: proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS). Other options are suggested (likeproof-of-activity orproof-of-burn), none of them implemented.
So, let’s see if the rising PoS’s advantages over PoW are decisive. We will look over the reasons why people want to execute a proof-of-stake and what the primitive version of this consensus algorithm looked like. It is surprising, why no one has not yet managed to execute a good PoS (which attacks on existing solutions do we know of), but…

We were there! Crypto-conferences of December

Year 2017 can be rightly described as the year of ICO – the marked emerged, crystallized and hyped up. December seems like a proper time to gather by the fire and sum up the results of this year, which was indeed a landmark for the crypto industry. We will publish an analytical overview in the Annual report, and for now we wish to take you through the crypto events we’ve been at in December. A conference is a good place to observe general industry trends and to participate in networking activities. We have attended three conferences in the capitals of the CIS countries where the crypto industry is developing most actively and penetrates traditional business. Along with smart and easy solutions for techs and finance players, cryptocurrency hype triggered even such odd projects as the cryptocurrency, built specifically for for burger-eaters, Vladimir Putin fans or Jewish communities around the world. Cryptospace MoscowCryptospace Moscow took place on December 8, in Skolkovo. It welcomed …